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Datasets enable you to collect examples for evaluation and automatically track versions for accurate comparisons. Easily update datasets with the UI and download the latest version locally with a simple API.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Publish Datasets to W&B
  • Download the latest version
  • Iterate over examples

Sample code‚Äč

import weave
from weave import Dataset
# Initialize Weave

# Create a dataset
dataset = Dataset(name='grammar', rows=[
{'id': '0', 'sentence': "He no likes ice cream.", 'correction': "He doesn't like ice cream."},
{'id': '1', 'sentence': "She goed to the store.", 'correction': "She went to the store."},
{'id': '2', 'sentence': "They plays video games all day.", 'correction': "They play video games all day."}

# Publish the dataset

# Retrieve the dataset
dataset_ref = weave.ref('grammar').get()

# Access a specific example
example_label = dataset_ref.rows[2]['sentence']