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Platform & Security

Weave is available on W&B SaaS Cloud which is a multi-tenant, fully-managed platform deployed in W&B's Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account in a North America region.


It's coming soon on W&B Dedicated Cloud. Reach out to your W&B team if that would be of interest in your organization.

Identity & Access Management

Use the identity and access management capabilities for secure authentication and effective authorization in your W&B Organization. The following capabilities are available for Weave users in W&B SaaS Cloud:

  • Authenticate using Single-Sign On (SSO), with available options being Google, Github, Microsoft, and OIDC providers
  • Team-based access control, where each team may correspond to a business unit / function, department, or a project team in your company
  • Use W&B projects to organize different initiatives within a team, and configure the required visibility scope for each project

Data Security

In the W&B SaaS Cloud, data of all Weave users is stored in a shared cloud storage and is processed using shared compute services. The shared cloud storage is encrypted using the cloud-native encryption mechanism. When reading or writing data on behalf of a user, a security context comprising of the user's W&B organization, team and project is utilized to ensure data path isolation.


Secure storage connector is not applicable to Weave.


If you're using Weave on W&B SaaS Cloud, you do not incur the overhead and costs of provisioning and maintaining the W&B platform. It's all fully managed for you.


Security controls for W&B SaaS Cloud are periodically audited internally and externally. Refer to the W&B Security Portal to request the SOC2 report and other security and compliance documents.